I am always posting photos of the truly beautiful Vivienne Passage, or covered walk way. I think it is one of the most lovely but the other day I ventured out of my usual territory and decided to walk through three others which run one after another from the 2nd arrondissement into the 9th. They are called the Passage des Panoramas, Passage Jouffroy and Passage Verdeau. They are all very lively, full of places to eat or shops featuring art, books, toys, stamps or postcards. As usual, I stroll along dreaming of what life was like when these were first built.

I love the look of this. I’ve seen similar looking passage ways in London and Melbourne, Australia.

This pie looked really good sitting in the window of a tea shop. I think it was apricot. The crust looked unusual to what I usually see in Paris. I need to get back there and order a piece.

A hand pointing to the entry of a wax museum, the Greven.

Many books for sale to tempt people.

A reflection in some windows of the skylights above. There are also occasional glass blocks on the floor which lets in some light to tunnels underneath used for storage.

9 thoughts to “Passages”

  1. Amy – you are right ! It does look like the strand in Sydney — I love Haighs chocolates too. The rose and the violet creams………….

  2. Yes, we do have one or two of these lovely arcades in Melbourne. Have you only seen photos Linda or have you visited Melbourne?


  3. yes we do have some lovely old arcades here in Melbourne. The Royal and the Block arcade are lovely too.

  4. Thanks for posting the passages, Linda. They were on our to do list and we did visit several of them. They’re marvelous and I’m sure have lots of stories to tell.

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