Dear Diary 2

March 31st
Dear Diary,
Today we found out which class we would be placed in. Sometimes at these French schools (and I’ve been to many), based on the tests, I get put in the Debutant class but, happily this time I was placed in Intermidiate which is just where I think I should be. I was worried that a few people would be in my class that I found irritating. I know from prior experience that there can be people who monopolize any class they are in by constantly talking, answering all questions and just mainly trying to be the center of attention. I just want a class where there aren’t irrtations and distractions, especially from other students-Is that asking too much, Dear Diary? I guess that makes me a crab but there you go. I was happy when I got to my class and found none of the people there that I feared. My class turned out to be full of people much like me who just want to learn and don’t need to be the center of attention.

This guy is in the very beautiful garden smirking at all of us who want to speak French.

Our teacher is very nice. She spoke only French, of course, but very clearly and I understood just about everything she said. She was really good at what she did as most of the teachers I have met here seem to be. What is surprising is that she asked us not to take notes. We were just to listen and to repeat. Works for me. We watched a slide show with characters going through some situation with a sound track and slowly, through repetition, figured out what they were saying and how to say it ourselves.

There is a cruise ship in the harbor every day.
At lunch, we sat with a teacher who, along with making sure we spoke French, helped us with vocabulary and just chatted with us. The food was very good and also plentiful. To my surprise, they presented me with a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to me. The cake was delicious. How nice.
In the afternoon we had another teacher for more work on speaking. I felt like I knew most of it but everytime I was called on, I usually blew it. Ah well, it is the first actual day of class.
Later we did some grammar and even some work with the alphabet. Even at our level, we all seemed to have trouble with certain letters, espcially, for me, G and J. At the end of the day I was beat. There is tea offered afterwards but I passed up on it. I just didn’t want to speak French anymore or listen to others try and speak it. I just went back to my apartment and washed some clothes and looked at the view.

A view from the tiny balcony as a ship sails away to another port.

12 thoughts to “Dear Diary 2”

  1. Bonne anniversaire mon amie. Quelle est la date de naissance? Rod’s anniversaire etait la troisieme d’avril. Et “bravo” pour votre placement dans le niveau intermediaire. Way to go!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I loved the food at lunch. It was so good. I wonder whether that same cook are still there. I forgot her name. She smiled all the time. The teachers at the l’Institut knew what they do. They were serious in teaching you, too. Is your apartment above the school? Mine was way up the hill behind the tennis court. I had a long walk everyday but a good view of the harbor to school.

  3. It seems a very pleasant sort of experience, despite the smirker in the garden! You’ll show him one of these days, I’m certain!

    Interesting to me, I can understand everything in Emily’s comment. But I would belong in the beginner’s class if I were to study French. Reading and hearing are certainly two different things. That you understand most of it just by hearing shows what a long way along you really are.

    Happy Birthday to you!

  4. Happy late birthday! That is SO cool that they got you a cake! (They would never do that here in Canada. The French classes here tend to be really dry and boring!)

  5. Happy belated Birthday..Oh how wonderful that they had a cake for you!!!

    I just looked at Emily’s comment and to my surprise I think I can read it ..but I would certainly be in the beginners class for learning French…but I am still amazed with myself.

  6. Bon anniversaire, Linda – mais je ne te demanderai pas ton âge! Ce serait impoli, et je crois que nous avons à peu près le même âge, de toute façon.

    (You got all that, right?!)

  7. Happy Birthday, Linda! I love the views from your apartment. So lovely I can just sit there and watch the ships go by each day!

  8. What a surprise to see you have written about the Institute. This was recommended several times as THE best.
    I am looking forward to hearing about your experience, please keep us posted. How long is your stay, 1 month?

    Linda in California

  9. Joyeux anniversaire!
    The view from the apartment is wonderful. That view alone would make the course worth it for me.
    I hope your experience there is the best.It seems to be a very nice place from the description you give.
    Keep us updated!

  10. You are not going to want to leave such a lovely place. I’m so impressed that you can understood so much spoken French. I can understand everything written here and can even write fairly well, but when it comes to speaking, my brain just freezes. Gah!

  11. Happy Birthday Linda! I’m so pleased you feel that your French is coming along. I imagine speaking it is much easier when you don’t have the pressure of a class full of people listening.

  12. Belated Happy Birthday Linda. I agree, he view from the apartment is wonderful. That view alone would make the course worth it for me too. Must take a lot of will power and concentration to not spend all your time gazing off across the sea.
    Enjoy and learn lots.

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