Dear Diary 3

Dear Diary,
We have now completed our first week of class. It’s interesting to see how they put everything together in the different classes, how they blend it all. The teachers all have the same methods and repeat the same things and, through repetition, I am slowly starting to actually use correct French. I’ve also realized how very awful my spoken French is, very lazy really, and why the French often look at me, cock their heads to one side and try to figure out what I have just said. I hope I am speaking much more clearly at the end of the month.

A window in the old section of Villefranche. I love the Italian colors.

I had a very embarrassing occurrence one day this week. I guess I go into a kind of trance or zen mode but I actually went to a room and sat through the wrong class without realizing my mistake. Finally at the end, the teacher said, “Why aren’t there enough of these to go around?” Even then I just sat there oblivious. Then he wrote Debutant 1 and 2 on the board and I suddenly realized that I was the reason his numbers were off. I was so embarrassed. Am I in the early stages of alzheimers? The class was a review-for me-of numbers which I needed anyway so that was a good thing. I was even wondering why they were reviewing the same thing. I got to see how two teachers taught the same subject and how they use the same methods of getting points across. In my defense, it was a combination of two classes and everytime that we have done that before there are people I haven’t seen before and it took place in a huge room. Nevertheless, Dear Diary, am I losing it?

A lovely lookout post in the castle wall that looks out over the bay.

Maurice arrived after school and then we went to a party that the school gave with wine and a really good buffet. I was able to introduce Maurice to my fellow students and some of the teachers. We got to speak English so we could communicate on a much better level. It was a fun night. Afterwards, I found myself slipping back into my old ways of speaking English with Maurice and will have to force myself to go back to speaking French. Poor Maurice. He will have to live with someone speaking to him with the vocabulary of a child. It won’t be very interesting for him.

This little chapel is devoted to fishermen. It has been painted by Cocteau

The director of the school came up to me at the party and told me that he had found my blog, which surprised me but it turned out that someone had written to the school for a brochure as a result of reading my blog. He told me about another student who is keeping a blog for her newspaper about her experiences at the school.

How nice to have a yellow mailbox with purple wysteria hanging above it.

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  1. I am loving these “Dear Diary” blogs about your language school experiences. I live in Switzerland, and have made some faint attempts to learn the language. It is very difficult and I wonder how much of that is due to just entering my 50’s! But then I hear from my younger friends that they have the same issues, so I feel better about myself! Good luck, and thanks for blogging.

  2. When I was there, it was not a written rule, but we got the impression that we should sit at the same spot all the time. There were about eight of us. They were all Americans.

  3. Glad to hear that your French is getting better. I would look for something like that here to help with my Spanish, but I don’t have anyone who could watch Benji every day:-( What did the director say about your blog???

  4. So pleased that you are getting there!!! I wonder why you didn’t realize you were in the wrong room? I can just imagine how you felt when you found out..:-)

    Wow how good is that, someone enquiring on the strength of YOUR BLOG!!!!! Did the director say anything about your blog?

  5. Oh Linda,
    That sounds just like something I would do. I find myself doing awkward things from time to time. And hope noone notices….
    Lisa & Alfie

  6. So, one week down and you’re enjoying it! On the other hand, I just unearthed my old journal from my language class days and I seemed to have cried from frustration and exhaustion every day for the first two weeks! I hadn’t remembered that, but I do now remember that something clicked after those two weeks and I started enjoying class as much as I was enjoying aprรƒยจs-classe. Good to see that you’re well ahead of my curve!

  7. I don’t think you’re losing it! You have so much to concentrate on it’s easy to make a mistake like that.

  8. Well, if it is early Alzheimer’s, at least you’re doing the right thing – excercising your brain by learning something new! Seriously, everyone I know “d’une certain age” has these issues. I spoke with a friend yesterday who spent several minutes looking all over for her car keys…they were in her hand!

    I seriously doubt Maurice ever would find you uninteresting, childish vocabulary or not. (My vocab is pretty good but my sentence structure is on a par with a “Dick and Jane” reading primer. Dommage.)

  9. I don’t think you have Alzheimers ๐Ÿ™‚ You must have unconsiously wanted to review your numbers…

  10. Love the little yellow post box, how sweet..with flowers all around it. I also love the little window at the top..great colours. ๐Ÿ™‚

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