A Passion For Pink 2

Some photos from the interior of the Villa of Beatrice Rothchild. She designed it herself and had many objects shipped to her from all over the world. We realized, while there, that we could see the villa from my apartment over on the other side of the bay. It sits at the highest point on a hill and has a view on both sides of the ocean.

When you enter the villa you find yourself in a large room surrounded by a gallery and with the rooms along the sides. It reminded me of an Italian Villa or maybe something with a Spanish influence. She held huge parties and balls there. It can now be rented for weddings or huge parties.

I’m sure she bought this clock because it was pink.

This incredible ceiling was in a sort of foyer in her bedroom.

This disguised door led to the room for bathing.

They had this dress next to her bed. She loved to dress up as Marie Antoinette when she had guests. I’m just surprised that it wasn’t pink.

Her suitcase just for beauty products.

12 thoughts to “A Passion For Pink 2”

  1. I love seeing those old travel cases that women (and men, too) used to carry with their grooming items inside. I notice this one is lined with pink silk or satin fabric.

  2. The bedroom has a foyer??? Wow. Such a grand style of living. It looks beautiful. I love the embroidery work on that dress, and especially the collar.

  3. Hummmn! I think you should hold your graduation party at Beatrice’s house. Just give me enough time to get there. You can wear the Marie Antoinette dress and I’ll be a vision in pink.

  4. What a splendid house, with all those columns and arcades… Just like a palace, maybe a mini version of Marie Antoinette’s palace.

  5. Wow what beautiful pcitures, what a georgeous mansion. Love France but live in Florida with a detour via Spain 😉 Paula

  6. Good an very informative post. I will come back to your blog regullary. One thing: I do not exactly know what do you mean in the second paragraph. Could you please exmplain your opinion?

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