A Greek Villa

In the village of Beaulieu-sur-Mer, not far from Villefranche, is the Villa Grecque Kerylos. It was built by a Frenchman named Therodore Reinach. It’s a reconstruction of a palace dating from 2 B.C. modeled from those found on the island of Delos. I’m not sure why someone would want to live in a place resembling an ancient Greek residence, especially on the Cote d’Azure, even down to reclining on special couches to eat meals but there you go. All of the furniture was designed by the architect, most of it copied from ancient drawings and paintings from Greece. We were given audioguides and it was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon wandering from room to room marveling at the lives of others. The Villa is now owned by the Institute de France in Paris, which Reinach belonged to in his lifetime.

The ceiling of the two story high main salon. All of the walls and ceiling were painted, many with Greek murals.

An ocean theme on the wall of the exterior atrium.

And, of course, a killer view. There wasn’t much of a garden compared to the Rothchild Villa that we visited but the ocean was much closer.

A bathtub carved out of marble. There were two of them, one in the huband’s bathroom, one in the wife’s. I remember reading that Oprah ordered a tub like this.

The water spouts made of silvered brass.

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  1. Interesting to catch up with your class, villa, diary etc. Beautiful pics to compliment it all. Iparticularly like that simple but very picturesque atairway.

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