I love the color in Nice. There really is an Italian feel there.

I think I have only seen shutters like this, that have one section that open outwards, in Nice and in Italy.

When you live in a city in a small apartment, you become very inventive with drying laundry.

I especially love these colors on the front of a church in Nice.

Don’t you just want to go into this alley and explore?

Seen at a news stand in Nice. I think the French find Mrs. Obama very stylish.

8 thoughts to “Nice”

  1. Oh yes, that alley definitely calls to me! Thank you for showing us the many lovely things to see there…those colors are wonderful.

  2. People have shutters like that at the beach – they are storm shutters. Not nearly as nice a color, though…but I guess they could be painted. but it still would not look as charming as Nice.

    Compared to Carla, I think Michelle is dowdy. Whoever is her stylist needs a new job.

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