A Brocante in Nice

On Mondays Nice has the largest brochante on the Cote d’Azur. You can find a list of the best of the brocantes-flea markets-in this very nice book:

I love this bedside table.

A stuffed bear waiting for someone to love him again.

I think these are for wine.

A nice display of spoons.

Aren’t these colorful?

7 thoughts to “A Brocante in Nice”

  1. A vocabulary question for you to research at school or maybe with Maurice: is there a difference between a “brochante” and a “marché aux puces”? Just curious!

  2. Linda,

    Mary from Across the Pond was kind enough to send me the url for your blog. My husband and I are embarking on a western med cruise on May 10. the highpoint of the cruise for me will be the last day which will be spent in Villefranch. I am so excited; I have wanted to see the south of France ( actually I have never been to any part of France)for as long as I can remember. We dock at 7AM and leave at 3PM so the day will be short. I plan to eat croissants and drink coffee and ramble and take in the ochre colored houses with faded shutters. I understand that there is an open air market on SAturdays. I love a market…is it worth finding? What about the soap factory? Have you been there? Will we be able to take in a fair amount of the town in that amount of time? What do you recommend that we “must see”?

    Thanks for your help, let’s see if my HS French serves me …Merci pour votre assistance….( I never did understand all those verb tenses either)!!


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