Dear Diary 7

Dear Diary,
I haven’t written much about my fellow class mates or my teacher. My teacher’s name is Cecile. She is funny and fun and hasn’t once screamed in frustration by our attempts to speak French or the countless times we make the same mistakes. Why she hasn’t thrown in the towel and walked out is a mystery to me.

In our class is a man from Switzerland, the part that speaks German, a woman from Hong Kong who is a lawyer and who works in a bank there, two Australian ladies who are friends in Melbourne, a man from Texas and another from North Carolina, a lady who lives in the States but is from South Africa, a lady from Canada who lives below my apartment, and an Australian from Greece who wants to live in Paris. Everyone is really nice and we have fun in class. There isn’t someone like a guy in the other intermediate class who I think would be very difficult to tolerate-who has all the answers and is just basically very bosy. Everyday our classes are combined and when they split us up into little groups to work on something, I always seem to end up with him. He takes over and listens to very little input from the rest of us. He’s some sort of professor, I think. He may be very nice but I haven’t gotten past that iron like exterior yet.

We are exposed to several other teachers and I enjoy all of them. I think they must be hired not only on their ability to teach but also on their personalities which are fun and patient. The other day we had a class learning some of the vocabulary of cooking and cooking utensils and the teacher made crepes and then we got to eat some. Again, not something you would find in another class not in France.

The food has been very good, something different every day. The chef, Natalie, comes out and helps serve and sort of mingles with all of us and she corrects our French along with the teachers. Sometimes the food isn’t something that is my favorite, such as a country pate and one day we even had, eek, rabbit, which I finally tried. It was ok but I just have trouble eating it but I got past eating foie gras so who knows?
The basic intent for this school is getting us to speak everyday French and we seem to spend a lot of time doing that-which is something I of course need. It’s everday French using the most commonly used words and phrases. Sometimes one of us will say something which is correct but the teacher gives us a better way to say it, in the way that is commonly used by the French. Several of use routinely forget to use the liason, the way of combining two words together as the French are wont to do. I know to do this but when trying to say something outloud in front of the other students I forget to do it just about everytime. We have each had to prepare a ten minute talk about any subject we choose and we can’t have it written down and in front of us but have to try and give it using correct French-both past and present verbs too. Mine, unfortunately, falls on Monday so I have the weekend to worry about it. Luckily I have a built in French speaker here that I can practice with. Since most people are amazed that I not only live in France but give walking tours in Paris, I thought that I would give a talk on that. I’m sure my mind will go blank and I will be throwing out verbs like bullets all over the place, past, present and probably some non existant.

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  1. I’m loving your language school posts. The photography is just amazing. It does seem to be a wonderful school for adults who want to learn a language.

  2. You’re a brave woman! Standing for ten minutes in front of a group to speak in French! OMG!! Bonne chance! I’m sure you’ll do well.

    I’m enjoying reading your blog, and I’m filled with envy.

    Libbie in North Carolina

  3. Isn’t it amazing what an international group of people can be found almost anywhere these days….even Australians from Greece, and South Africans from America!

    Good luck with your 10-minute talk! Yes, you definitely have an advantage with your native French speaker to practice on! I hope you enjoy the weekend and don’t worry TOO much about the presentation. Sounds like you’ve chosen a very interesting topic…it would certainly interest me.

  4. I had to do that too, only I had to fill A WHOLE HOUR. I talked about Canada, since I was the only Canadian in my class. I remember that I spent a long time drawing a map on the board and explaining what was where geographically-speaking, but what probably filled up most of the time was all the questions from my fellow students and our teacher.
    Good luck with your presentation!

  5. How beautiful! (YES, I remember when you met Paul. Drats, wish I were there with you but I’m sure we would have then made fools of ourselves, ya think?)

  6. And your tours are fabulous….so now will be given in French????? or can you just use the names of buildings and streets (French) and get by. Just kidding.

    You’ll do well on your presentation – I have no doubt.

  7. I love hearing all about this! No doubt you will be FAB tomorrow…I will be thinking of you and waiting for the next installment.

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