Eze is one of those magical places perched on the edge of a hill with breathtaking views of the sea below and bays and other villages on the horizon which happens to be a 10 minute bus ride away from Villefranche. We’ve been there before but I wanted to see it again.

As you climb to the top of the hill, and it is some climb, you pass many windows and doors to enchant.

And many shops along the way to tempt you.

At the very top, along with some of the remains of a chateau, is a garden filled with tropical and dessert plants. It has got to be one of the best view ever. There is a table telling you what you are lolooking at. On a clear day you can see Corsica in the distance.

An agave plant with the ocean far down below.

12 thoughts to “Eze”

  1. Beautiful. I like the reflection in the corner of the first picture.

    surprised you have not noticed the pond in my garden photos before now. There is a small waterfall running into it.All designed and planted by me but dug out by Alan.

  2. Thanks for showing us this charming town. I’ve been dreaming of going to Eze ever since I saw it on Travel Channel.

  3. The views are beyond belief…keep exploring, loving your posts:-)

    Great posts about your school too. I wish I could learn to write more..doesn’t come easily to me 🙁

  4. Linda, I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy your photos. I always feel like I’ve had a little vacation, after visiting your blog.

  5. Love today’s photos especially the charming windows and doors which you always capture. The display of scarves says to me “shop”. How on earth can you possibly study with so many inviting and beautiful distractions.

  6. The last time I was in Eze, we missed the last bus to take us back down to the village train station, so we had to walk down the Nietzsche trail. They SAY it’s 45 minutes down, but when the sun is setting and the trail is often indistinguishable and there are no other people anywhere and you’re wearing sandals, not proper hiking boots, it takes a bit longer!

    However, Eze is a stunning village with a wonderful view, and it’s also not super-touristy. I’m also a huge fan of the Fragonard Parfumerie below the medieval village – interesting tour and great prices on scents. (Maybe that’s another reason why that descent took so long: carrying too much perfume and soaps?)

  7. Thank you, thank you for these views of and from Eze! Ever since I first heard of Eze and seen a bit on TV travel programs, I’ve wanted, longed, to see that amazing place. Its narrow streets and its place so very high up are what draw me…especially that it is so far above the bay like that! If I could live anywhere, Eze would be on top of my list!

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