Viaduc des Arts is a wonderful walk on an old abandoned, elelvated train track. One Saturday it was so beautiful and sunny that we got outside for a walk there as it happens to be near our neighborhood.

One of the large bridges that crosses a grassed area and connects two sections of the walk.

They also built some new apartments here and the path dissects one of them.

Daffodils were blooming everywhere.

I love pink blossoms against a blue sky.

This is, again, a post I did a month or so ago. I’m in Provence right now mainly pulling weeds. I am only speaking French with Maurice but I worry that it isn’t helping my French much, mainly because we say pretty much the same things all the time-“How did you sleep?” “What’s for lunch?”-that sort of thing. I’m understanding most of what Maurice says but I often have to ask him to slow down or repeat something. I’m trying to learn a new French word, usually a verb, every day. My new word today is “verser” which means to pour. I had trouble remembering it until I connected it with the word glass-verre, as in I am pouring some water into the glass. That seems to be the best way for me to remember certain words.

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  1. How cool this is in your neighbourhood. We enjoyed walking along it last year.

    Cheers from England where nous avons versé le vin ce soir 🙂

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