Rose et Chou-fleur

This is the name of a delightful little shop I happened upon with a friend just a street over from Canal St Martin which is a great place to meander around on a nice sunny day in Paris. The area is full of funky little shops and rue des Vinaigriers (did they make vinegar on this street once?) is lined with fun shops with windows full of beautiful things to draw you inside. One that I especially liked was Rose et Chou-fluer. Zoe D. is the createur. Her window had gorgeous little gowns to make a little girl into a Cinderella, darling little hand made clothing for babies and jewelry. Zoe was such a nice lady and she let me wander around in her work room and take photos.

This dreamy little dress was in the front window.

A view of her work station for creating everything in her shop.

Another view. Look at how neat and tidy it is. If I happened to do something like this, I’m sure there would be stuff scattered all over the place.

A dress form.

She had even made a cute cover for the light overhead.

A fun shop and worth the visit the next time you are in Paris.

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  1. Hi Linda…another lovely little shop to add to my list !! Oh yes I really hope to be back in Sept/October time !!

  2. It is a really charming shop. And an appealing way to image life. I used to have a tiny shop in town where I sold my jewelry.

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