Art Deco in the Carnavalet

There is a very interesting permanent exhibit in the Carnavalet Museum. It is a wholy intact jewelry store called Fouquet that, thank goodness, was taken apart and put back together in the museum. It’s fabulous.

This lovely lady is on the front of the store.

Of course, you must have a fireplace in a jewelry store.

A peacock behind the counter.

A decorative sculpture in front of a mirror.

An artist who also seems to like the counter.

7 thoughts to “Art Deco in the Carnavalet”

  1. You just topped any post you have ever done! FAB!!! I want that fireplace! It’s wonderful it was all saved and put on display.

  2. Oh my! How unusual! The fireplace looks amazing – as does everything else. What fun it must be to go through such a museum!

  3. That fireplace is, how you say, tres gaudy, n’est pas? The whole display is amazing though. I always love to see how much work and imagination and sheer genius people used to put into creating ostensibly simple things like a counter or a fireplace or a wall!

  4. Be still my beating heart. Oh my. You KNOW my love for art deco and art nouveau! That fireplace! WOW!! I can see that in my house! NOT! giggle.

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