Paris, Made By Hand

There is a new book out and you can see references to it all over the Internet. It’s called Paris, Made By Hand by Pia Jane Bijkerk and it features interesting shops all over Paris for unusual items, many made by hand. Pia is a stylist, which is someone who sets up photo shoots, the ones full of things you’d like to have in your own home or to accessorize your wardrobe. She has a really great blog as well and, lucky girl, lives in Paris and on a fabulous houseboat in Amsterdam.

The cover of the book.

This shop, written about in the book, called Galierie Vegetal is at 29 rue des Vinaigriers where I also found the cute shop that I wrote about called Rose et Chou-Fleur. Don’t you just love this door? Red and turquoise always please me.

The shop had many of the standard gardening equipment but also items which were quirky and fun such as this chair that is actually planted with grass.

A white pumpkin on some neat metal containers.

A painting sold there that I liked.
A great shop for finding unusual gardening items, even some felt flower pins to wear. Pia’s book is a fun way to explore Paris and find some areas where you’ve never been before.

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  1. I read a review on this book just last week and thought, “What fun Linda will have checking out all of these places.” Let us know your favorites. (I like that painting too.)

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