Rainbows and Raindrops

Provence is gearing up for summer. May is usually cool with a few very warm days here and there and there are occasional rainy days to keep everything green. The other day it rained all day without stopping but by evening it cleared up and the clouds separated letting the sun through which meant a rainbow on the other side of the sky. I was in the house doing something when I happened to glance outside and gave a little scream of excitement and rushed outside with my camera. Maurice and I even got in the car to go up the hill a bit to see if I could get a photo of the whole thing but I didn’t have my wide angled lens with me. It was so exciting to see, one of the largest and brightest that I have seen in a long time and it made you understand why there are so many stories about rainbows.

Maybe there could be a pot of gold at the end of this.

A view from up the hill a way.

I liked how it was pink inside the rainbow.

The next morning I could see raindrops hanging from plants and decided to try my luck photographing them.

There’s something magic about raindrops too-a little world magnified.

8 thoughts to “Rainbows and Raindrops”

  1. I was worried the rain on Friday would ruin our weekend plans, but no, it cleared up almost if by magic. I think I was in your neck of the woods this weekend, but I missed the rainbow.

  2. Rainbows are magical aren’t they? We have had our fair share of rain here too but the forecasters are predicting a hot summer, just don’t know when it will start, I’ve felt so cold this May.

  3. That last photo of the rainbow is amazing. I take it you don’t have a telephoto lens? In your hands such a thing could really create some magic.

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