Hot Day in a Park

The temperature was well into the 80’s this weekend which seem extra hot to me in a city with building and streets capturing and reflecting the heat. I don’t do well in extreme heat, always trying to find areas with shade. I was in Palais Royal part of the time with some friends and joined many others from Paris enjoying the day.

A cooling tunnel of shade under the trees.

Looking out from under the trees.

Catching some rays while getting a little cool air by the fountain.

The sun streaming in through the arches into the covered walkway where I was keeping in the shade. A few hours later clouds arrived with a little rain which helped cool it down.

6 thoughts to “Hot Day in a Park”

  1. Wow that is HOT!!! I love the Tunnel of Trees, so cooling under there I would of thought. We had lots of rain last hammered it down!!

  2. It’s hot and wet here too, however I’m sick so have been a couch potato all the holiday weekend!

    Meanwhile I’m catching up with all the blogs I missed while in England. It was so beautiful there – definitely plannng to return next Spring!

    We stayed close to Moulin Rouge one visit – never went to a show either!!

  3. Oh Linda. I remember the heat in Germany. I used to go to the grocery store and stand near the frozen food. We are so used to AC in the US that I do not think that many remember what it’s like not to have AC everywhere. At least when it’s hot here we can go inside, or to a shop or restaurant to cool down.

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