Tennis Anyone?

Tennis has begun at Roland Garros here in Paris. Maurice and I both used to play tennis and although that is no longer the case, we still like to watch it. There is a wonderful ambience there and we love to go. Sometimes we buy tickets being hawked outside of the complex but this year we entered a lottery for a chance to buy tickets and are going twice.

A view of some of the outer courts.

The exterior of the Suzanne Lenglen court.

Here is a sculpture of Suzanne.

The court where we watched tennis.

We got to see Serena Williams, an American, play. I have to say that I have seen her play better tennis. She made all sorts of errors and nearly lost. She has an apartment in Paris, by the way. Maybe one of these days I will bump into her if I happen to be in the 6th.

Of course, there isn’t always sunshine. There were two hours of rain the day we were there. They were really efficient at covered and uncovering the court. It got very cool very quickly. I was wearing light jeans and a T-shirt and brought along a light sweater and, luckily, put a rain cover in my bag. I put all of this on and was still cold so I bought a really cute light sweat shirt jacket and put this on too. The combined colors were light green T-shirt, light brown jeans, black sweater, lavender rain coat and the coral jacket I bought. I also was wearing a green and orange baseball cap. All of the colors showed too as there were all sorts of lengths hanging here and there. I was lovely, I tell you.
One of the sponsors of Roland Garros is Peugeot, the car company. They have a very interesting store on Champs Elysees and I noticed that they sold little glass jars of the famous red soil from the tennis grounds which makes me wonder if perhaps I could sell air from Paris in a cute little vial.

7 thoughts to “Tennis Anyone?”

  1. What fun! I used to be a big tennis fan and would attend the ATP tournament in Cincinnati. When we were in Paris, I wanted to get my brother a “French Open” polo shirt. My French friend Marguerite had no idea what I was talking about, until she figured out I meant Roland Garros. I’d just never heard it called that. We always call it the French Open over here. I did find a shirt for him. Have fun!

  2. How fun! We watched it last year while we were there (on TV, anyway). I was in love with the dirt court. They (our hosts) said it was like that “everywhere.” I didn’t think so. I wish it were. I love to watch them slide.

  3. Yes, tennis! I used to be a tennis counselor at summer camp 🙂 Clive and I have never played together but maybe we will sometime. Great photos and how cool you’ve been there twice this year. We’ve caught a few of the matches ono TV/news.


  4. I miss being able to watch tennis in the states:( They show matches here sometimes, and never the entire thing. I bet you guys had fun, despite the weather and your beautiful attire!

  5. Wow…. Watching tennis live must be cool! Now the champions have mostly gone to Eastern Europe and Russia. 🙂

  6. I think you should go into the business of selling French husbands so we can all come and live in Paris and suck up the air for ourselves!!

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