Not Mine

I have a few pictures of my daughter in law’s appartment in Paris. She is the one who is the designer for Lollipops and, as might be expected, her talent also shows in her decorating. Her apartment has been featured in two magazines here in France. It’s not my style, I’m more traditional I guess, but it is amazing. There is always something new going on each time we visit.

A shot of the living room from one end.

This is a light fixture believe it or not. Can you see the dinasaurs up at the top? I think she bought this in Japan.

Another interesting area in the living room. They used this in a photo shoot for the Lollipops catelogue once.

12 thoughts to “Not Mine”

  1. It’s really cool, but I have a practical question: Does she have kids? I can’t imagine being able to decorate in such a fun way with little ones around, maybe with teenagers…

  2. Beautiful. I actually love it but I’m not sure I could live in it on a daily basis. I know my French husband couldnt! We’re decorating our home in the French Alps where I’m a permanent resident now but I don’t have your daughter in law’s flair. Too bad. Thanks for sharing. Cynthia in the French Alps

  3. I can see why it would have been featured in some magazines here… totally the kind of things hip Parisians love. I actually like it but probably wouldn’t have the nerve, although I do really like the big red umbrella INDOORS. Nice touch.

  4. What a hugely talented person your daughter-in-law is! That is a gorgeous room and while it may not be my style it is stunning. It would be fun to visit there, I bet there are things added and subtracted all of the time.

  5. I once put a giant umbrella like that in my daughter’s room when she was into a tropical theme. I really like the starburst mirror and the red throw rug. This is definitely NOT how I pictured a typical Parisian apartment though…

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