11 thoughts to “I Was In Paris”

  1. Oh looks a fun shop….I was in Rue de Rivioli quite a few times…shame I hadn’t seen this shop..maybe next time 🙂

  2. A nice twist on the usual tourist crap… I mean souvenirs… sold in the other shops on Rue de Rivoli. Ya gotta love the multi-colored light-up Eiffel Towers, though… real class.

  3. Actually, I think these shirts are kind of cute. Very clever of the French to think of this. I would probably buy one. Now, who is willing to get me to the shop? 🙂

  4. I love these new really, really flimsy t-shirts. Like the one in you first photo. They’re like wearing nothing at all, but still being perfectly respectable.

  5. this is so cool! who would have thought of making the city its own brand? the best promo ever for the city of lights!

  6. Cute shirts – one can never have too many come hot Summer days! Picked up friends at the airport yesterday – returning from Germany and 4 days in Paris. They loved it but were disappointed that the Eiffel Tower was only accessible to the third level due to construction!

    I’m always thinking of getting back to Paris because I love it so much – I would go there now instead of London which no longer feels English to me – I feel like a duck out of water there!! Bob and I would like to see Brittany and Normandy with some time in Paris – that’s a trip we need to starting planning!

    I posted on another walk in my home town today – I think you’ll agree that is the real England – I had such a great trip this time.

    Have a super weekend – will you be back in Provence soon?

  7. These are great!!! Wish I would have seen this store when I was there. Probably a good thing I didn’t. Everyone would have stuff! lol

  8. I’ll have to tell my neighbor/girlfriend about that store! They are going to Germany to see their daughter and her family this fall. Her daughter wants to take her to Paris. Hmmmm, maybe I can talk her into a t-shirt!

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