Montmartre Movie

The other day I was up in Montmartre and came across a French movie being made. It has to do with the period of WWII in Paris when it was occupied by the Germans and the Jewish people had to wear yellow stars on their clothing and then getting sent to concentration camps. I wish I could have gotten a photo of some of the actors but it wasn’t allowed.

All sorts of temporary building was done so the streets would look like they did back then.

A street sign which must look like what you would have seen in the neighborhood. I wonder if a closeup of it will even make it into the movie. It’s just one of the details they do to make it all look real.

Would you believe that the sculpture of Dalida is under this? They had to cover it because she was a popular pop singer in France in the 60’s who lived up in Montmartre. I imagine there were some tourists walking around with maps trying to find it in vain.

They added a wooden gate to this alley that is normally open.

They built this little place looking like a bistro or bar. I think that this is usually just parking spaces.

There wasn’t a boulangerie there so they attached one to an ordinary door going into a residence. I found it fascinating to watch it all put together and it gave me a little thrill to hear the director yell, “Action!” movie junkie that I am.

PS-I am actually back in Provence but have quite a few photos taken from my time in Paris.

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  1. So much work! That’s very impressive – the lengths they go to.

    The only set I’ve been on was incidentally in France. We were touring châteaux and there was a big commotion hindering us from entering the main building, but we could still visit the garden… until we were yelled at because we got in the shot. We managed to figure out it was a Dumas production. “Oh, lovely, a French film about the Man in the Iron Mask.” Imagine my surprise when all of my friends, months down the line, started talking about that new Leonardo DiCaprio film…

  2. The movie people added lots of detail, but cudos to you for noticing all of the changes. Too many times I wander around thinking, was that there, is that different?

  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could leave all the changes?
    I jsut saw a richard Avedon show at ICP in NY and there were so many pics taking in Paris reight after the war – the buildings looked terrific!

  4. I love this post! My two sons are working on their BFA’s in Film and are already making films for film festivals. What a lot of work it is.

    Did you catch the title of the movie? I don’t know if we’ll get it over here, but I’d love to know… and then see if I can see it.

  5. I love stumbling onto film sets. They did a movie once in my office building in Halifax and I rode on the elevator with some of the stars at one point. It was all very cool. It will be so much fun for you to watch the movie when it comes out! I’ve watched the one done in our office building at least a dozen times

  6. When we visited Chantilly, an episode of a French mini-series was being filmed. It was a period picture and all of the actors were in costumes from the era of the chateau. It was a misty October day and we were the only visitors there, so it seemed as though we had been transported back in time.

  7. Such fun – they made the place look so authentic, especially the boulangerie which looks like the one in my brother’s village!

    I love movies set during WW2, despite the many sadnesses of that era. I recently enjoyed an old BBC series where female French-speaking British radio-operators were sent undercover to France. I like to learn about how the hardships of life during wartime brought people together. My mother told me it was a very special time – people were kind to one another, something that often appears too infrequently these days!

    Thanks for these great pics Linda. Glad you are back in beautiful Provence for the Summer……………lavender, sunflowers, colors and sunshine!

  8. I just laughed out loud imagining the tourists trying to find her monument under that disguise! How exciting! We get quite a bit of that in SF. And it thrills me everytime!
    Lisa & Alfie

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