Notre Dame

It’s hard to find any place more dramatic and beautiful than Notre Dame. Not only has it been standing for over 900 years, it remains the most visited monument in Paris by both the faithful and just the curious or those wanting to see lasting beauty.

Not too far from the front of the church is this marker which is point zero where measurements of distances from Paris to other cities are calculated-I suppose by satellite.

These figures are above the central door in the front of Notre Dame. It depics the Last Judgement and the figures with the angel on the left go to heaven while the figures on the right in chains go to hell with the devil. I wonder when horns, tail and hooves came into being with the devil? So, if you were illiterate centuries ago and saw this on front of a church, wouldn’t you do everything the priest told you?

I don’t know if there is a more dramatic architecture than gothic.

Isn’t this unusual? I thought maybe it was a green man but it isn’t ancient, just a couple of hundred years old, not done with the original construction, but in a small chapel added on by Violet le Duc, the architect who repaired the church after the damage of the French Revolution. (In the treasures section)

On some of the columns you can find painted areas like this. I’ve read that all of the interior was once painted as was the outside where the statues were even gilded in gold.

6 thoughts to “Notre Dame”

  1. Very dramatic! I love the high ceiling and the painted columns!

    Putting my Classical Archaeologist hat on now: the horns, tail and hooves of the Devil are very old. This imagery belongs to the Greek god Pan and the Satyrs. Both being embodiments of earthly and bodily lust and gluttony, early Christians would’ve seen them as pretty much the embodiment of Satanic ideals. For some reason, the image became very popular in the Middle Ages.

  2. My son offers the same sentiments about Notre Dame. Have not seen it myself but can see the beautiful architecture is a pull.

  3. I just LOVE Notre Dame! Each time we went to Paris I spent time there. We were lucky enough to usually hit it when there were few people about. To sit on those pews and think of all that been before. Very humbling!

  4. You have wonderful photos. Yes,you did point out the marker for point zero. We have a couple of photos of the marker.

    I could not get enough of the inspiration from Notre Dame. Wonderful memories of the interior, the figures above the door,the trimmings at the holiday and the fabulous music.

    Felt very lucky to have spent time there.

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