A Perfect Garden

A vineyard not too far from where we live in Provence called Val Joanis has a really fabulous garden. No weeds, no snails, almost all of the plants are without blemish. They must have a crew of at least four people. Meredith, who joined me there, wondered where the vegetables went. They only appear to sell wine there as well as some gift items but no vegetables. I’ve posted photos of the garden here before but there’s always room for more I guess.

This is on the door into the garden.

I don’t know if they use these watering pots but I like the grouping of them.

A decorative garden item that someone put an apple on.

A road on the side of the garden passing through a grove of olive trees.

They had this vine of berries trained around a charming round frame.

Aren’t these decorated posts great?

11 thoughts to “A Perfect Garden”

  1. And such a lovely garden it is! Just last week I used my terra cotta wine cooler from there at a party. It brought back many wonderful memories.

  2. I have a lovely photo of an olive grove for my screen saver. I love the look of them. I love olives and olive oil and tapenade. I even love the colour olive.

  3. Those are such gorgeous pictures! I’d love to have that many watering cans especially when I am fertilizing my flowers!

  4. Love the photo of the vine with the berries and especially like the last one with the posts. What a dream to seond summers in Provence. Thanks for sharing.

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