Around Place Vendome in Paris are many shops which I never enter because they are beyond my means, but that doesn’t mean I don’t look in the windows.

This column with Napoleon on the top is in the center of Place Vendome right across from the Ritz Hotel.

An advertisement of that same column with a little Photoshop work going on.

Repetto is a famous store for ballet slippers and toe shoes. They always have a wonderful ballet dress hanging in the window too. They also sell these ballet shoes so popular now. I liked the advertisement they had done with the shoe balanced on the toe of a toe shoe. So elegant.

I could buy this bag to carry my little dog if I had one.

Or many a silver mongramed dish for it to eat out of. My mother, if she had had a lot of money, would have bought something like this for her dog. She is one of the premier lover of animals. My Dad always said that if reincarnation was real, he wanted to come back as one of my mother’s dogs. I think maybe Meredith of Poppy Fields should buy one of these for her dog. (I accidentally wrote Poopy Fields. Hope that isn’t the case with her swimming dog.)

7 thoughts to “Rich”

  1. My mother-in-law would have definitely bought one of those bags if it had been in her price range! She was crazy about her little yorkie, and even ordered special outfits since she was so tiny!

  2. Lovely Linda! I too especially like the ballet shoes photo.

    I enjoy your writings, stories and photos — seeing the world through your eyes so I’m awarding you the “Kreative Blogger” award.

  3. I don’t enjoy window shopping or even browsing. I only go into a shop if I intend to buy something. That being said, that display with the red shoe and ballet slipper would definitely make me take a second look

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