If you ever want to see a river of sheep move down a narrow village street, visit Riez during their transhumance, a long held tradition of moving sheep from the low pastures of Spring up to the high pastures of the mountains for grazing. Much of this is now done with trucks but they show you what it was like a couple of hundred years ago.

They had demonstrations in the village such as this guy shearing a sheep.

There is a little parade before the sheep arrive with colorfully dressed participants who also put on traditional dances.

Here they come. There were about 1000 sheep, 3 shepherds and two dogs to keep them all under control.

Look at this guy standing right in the middle of that moving mass of sheep. I’d be afraid I’d get run over, but I think the sheep mostly just go around things that frighten them.

And there they go. A fun thing to see.

6 thoughts to “Sheep”

  1. I’m guessing the stench was something fierce with 1,000 of them walking by. I’d never make it as a farm girl, that’s for sure. Good pix, though!

  2. Wow!!

    Amazing … as you know, I have a new affection for sheep since I met Clive 🙂

    I’m not sure about 1,000 running up the road, though … great pics!

  3. Rather be in a French village street with a mass of woolies than the running of the bulls in Spain!!!! Much better chance of surviving! Lovely that they have a parade too.

    Did you get to the Loumarin market as planned Linda? I think of that lovely day often and want to come back so much!

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