A Market in Provence

One of the most charming things you can do in Provence is to visit a market. Not only can you find cheese, vegetables and fruit at the height of freshness and taste, but also all sorts of items you’d love to have in your home.

I love these glasses and the holder for them.

This lady makes such great hats. One of these days I need to buy one so I can look stylish in the sun, instead of wearing my usual baseball cap.

I’m not sure what you could do with these hearts–hang them on door handles?

Something else decorative I guess to hang on a wall.

8 thoughts to “A Market in Provence”

  1. Yes you cannot beat these markets…I love the glasses with holder, so pretty.

    My friend loves these hearts, she hangs in her kitchen on the tool holder..looks good.

  2. The glasses are such a pretty color of green, perfect for the summer time! You just have to buy a hat! I love hats, and those look like the perfect one for me. I’d wear it home on the plane if I didn’t have room in my bag. My cousin beat me to the punch at a German flea market and bought this gorgeous hat. She said she would use it outside while she is painting pictures. The decorative boards are really cute along with the hearts. Sigh.

  3. I like those glasses too. Something about green glass that is cool and pretty.
    The hats are great and they look so light and airy, perfect for summer.

  4. I thought those little hearts might be filled with lavendar to hang on your clothes hangers in your closet to make your clothes smell nice? I’m sure I’ve seen something similar here.

  5. HOw do you ever resist? I would go from stall to stall and want to buy everything. And then-where to hang it or place it or…I particularly like the little hearts. Maybe they’re sachets? In a drawer or on a door knob. Color in the green glasses speaks to me. Would have to have them and the carrier.

  6. I so want one of those boards – not sure why, I don’t usually go for purely decorative things.

    I agree the hearts might be sachets.

    I like the hats too. I need a good sun hat.

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