Time Out

I’ve got to tell you–if it weren’t for company and our desire to show them around Provence, I wouldn’t be having a very good summer. I’ve been trying to get ready for that darn French Driver’s license and it’s just about killing me. Not only is the French often over my head, the material is difficult and I still haven’t reached the level I need to pass the test. I go every day, usually for two hours, and work at home too. Maybe one day soon. In the meantime, the only photos I have today or some I took in my yard.

I’m not sure what these are-maybe related to the marigold, maybe daisy or minature sunflowers. I bought these because I liked the color.

Geraniums do really well here, even in the hot summer. It gets cool at night which I think keeps everything going.

I was trying to get the sun shining through this butterfly’s wings.

I even put some melons together for a little montage.

13 thoughts to “Time Out”

  1. Wishing you the best of luck with your test!

    Said a special prayer for you, too, which will probably help you more. 🙂

  2. The flowers, the butterfly, the ripe melons — they all say summer. My neighbor gave me some cuttings of the yellow flowers and they’re currently in a handmade vase. My son is studying to get his temporary driver’s license, and although it’s in English, he feels like it’s a foreign language. You can do it. Can you take it again if you, gulp, don’t pass the first time?

  3. The yellow flowers are named “coreopsis,” and your picture of them is lovely. Next time I photograph flowers I’ll see if I can make the sun shine through them like you have.

  4. Linda, love the photos. I dread ANY driving test and cannot imagine taking one in another language. Best of luck as the day comes.

  5. You may know this already, but as a foreigner, you have the right to take the test with the help of a certified translator. This option is usually offered by the testing centers every 2 months or so, and it can be a big help because you have several minutes to answer each question, instead of 30 seconds like you do with the normal test.

  6. How frustrating for you Linda. Do so hope that you get through soon. Must make life difficult and expecially in a rural area.

  7. Beautiful pictures! What makes the test for a drivers licence in France so difficult? (Other than the second language thing) I’m curious.

  8. I have some of the yellow flowers too which is in the coreopsis family. That one we call tickseed. There is one that is gorgeous call moonbeam coreopsis.
    I would check into what ksam said about a translator. I’m sure you will be fine. I’ve heard the German one is just as hard!

  9. My French friends, 2 brothers and a sister, all took their driving test in the spring. Only the youngest brother passed. I hope she took it again since she is coming here for August. It would be nice to let her take a car when we are working. After all that training she should be a better driver than I am!

  10. Linda,
    I was going to comment on the coreopsis, but it looks like that mystery has already been solved.

    I loved Villefranche and we just wandered for several hours and experienced it rather than saw it. I will be posting some of the pictures in a day or two. Too bad I forgot to get a picture of the bakery; we went there twice on our five hour adventure! Thanks for all your guidance.


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