My son, who lives in Switzerland, and his family came for a long weekend recently. Of course, we had to take them to see the lavender. They are going to be back in time to visit the lavender festival too on July 19th.

Not all of the lavender fields look this great with hardly a weed in site. This is one of my favorite fields to stop at for photos.

A view from the other end.

Three of the four grandsons setting off to explore. The youngest can’t walk well enough yet. The oldest got bitten on his knee by a bee because he tried to cross through some lavender.

12 thoughts to “Lavender”

  1. Fields of lavender like that are just visually stunning. There is such a softness to them. I used to love having lavender in containers outside my old store. On warm days the fragrance was amazing. But the bees did think so as well!
    Lisa & Alfie

  2. Hi Linda! I’m headed out to Valensole this weekend! Where did you find your stunning, weedless lavender fields? Maybe I’ll change my itinerary? Thanks for letting me know, if you have time. And, best wishes on your drivers test! I’m so sorry you have to do this. Cy

  3. Beautiful. I can only imagine the fragrance rising from the field. The soil looks so pale. Is it like that in all of Provence?

  4. All that beautiful lavender! Wish I were there just to breath in the fragrance…well, and also to see it!

    In A Garden has posted about lavender also…and lavender cookies.

  5. The weedless-field lavender photo is stunning. Then again, so is the one with your grandsons! Absolutely gorgeous (them and the photo).


  6. That has just got to be one of my favorite sights ever! I love lavender. You are a lucky lady to live near such a place.

  7. I’m getting the paint and brushes out!!!! All I can say is stunning! I have lavender in my garden, and if next year we make the garden smaller (ha, ha) then I will make the lavender bed even bigger. Of course right now my lavender needs weeding, but that will come next week!

  8. Linda – so beautiful and I’ve missed the lavender fields at their peek both trips to Provence. I must come back again, and soon!

    So cute of the boys – sorry one little fellow was stung, hopefully he’s not allergic to bee venom!

    I’m still in New Hampshire – weather has become perfect after they had 29 days of rain! Bob’s B’day today – it was a great time!

  9. The fields of lavender are beautiful. Great photo of the boys. You’ll see them all in a week. Enjoy the time together.

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