8 thoughts to “Red, White And Blue”

  1. That was such a cute idea! Just love it! The door in that color, sigh, if we ever get a stone house like we want; even a rock wall in the garden, something will be painted that blue.

  2. I do love your unique choices for red, white and blue! Sheep are always so clean and sleek looking, and white! after they are sheared.

    I think I have that same geranium in the planter under the front window.

    And the blue door….so divine. A gorgeous shade of blue.

  3. I had two hamburgers yesterday and I don’t usually eat much red meat. Must have felt the need to have one for you. I love the blue door. Maybe they should replace the navy in the flag with that blue.

  4. Clever take on RWB. We went to Big Bear Lake for 4 days to celebrate the 4th and get out of the heat! They had fireworks off a barge in the midle of the lake. Some awesome views. Ate an extra burger for you!

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