I made another trip with a friend to Val Joanis. She was trying to find a dish she had bought there a couple of years ago that had broken. No luck with the dish but the gardens were still great.

This way into the gardens.

I’ve always liked succulents-so easy to grow in heat.

Did you know that if you left artichokes without picking them, that they bloom this great purple color?

Some bottles of pureed fruit for making drinks for sale in the gift shop.

3 thoughts to “Jardin”

  1. What a pretty shade of purple on the artichokes. I never knew about the flowers, but that makes sense! What type of fruit were in the bottles, and do you mix it with water? My german grandmother use to make something with fruit and you would mix it. Just wondering if it is the same thing. Probably much healthier for you than all those drinks they have at the stores!!!

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