Hit Or Miss

I’m always on the lookout for signs put up in villages in Provence advertising brocantes or vide greniers. They can be a lot of fun and while I don’t always have a lot of luck finding great things, it’s always interesting. The last time I went however, most of the things were laid out on grass in a parking lot and it was really hot and, unfortunately, I didn’t see anything I wanted. That didn’t keep me from taking photos of course.

Where to begin?

I always see coffee mills like these for sale.

There are often butcher blocks too.

Since this baby buggy was so low to the ground, I’m assuming it was used by a little girl.

I thought this was rather clever-a canoe cut in half with shelves inside used for wine bottles. It was a little too rustic for my tastes.

4 thoughts to “Hit Or Miss”

  1. I’ve seen canoes cut in half and used as bookshelves/CD racks but not as wine racks. My husband would think it was sacrilege even to use one as a wine rack though!

    He did have a woman who owns a ‘great camp’ in New York state ask to buy an unfinished cedar strip canoe to hang on the wall at camp as a piece of artwork . . . She offered $5,000 for it!

  2. Love the little baby carriage.

    Guess you wouldn’t need it, though, with your four adorable grandsons (nor would I with son, stepson, stepson’s three boys and Clive’s son’s two boys … no little girls in sight!)

    Cheers and thanks for sharing Provence via your wonderful photos.

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