Bread And Honey

One of my favorite things to eat is honey. I’ve eaten it all of my life but the honey here in Provence, usually lavender honey, has to be the best I’ve ever had. I especially love it when it is extra thick-maybe they whip it?

Look how thick it is. You have to spread it with a knife.

This is a jar I recently bought in Valensole. I’m looking forward to the lavender festival. There is some honey sold there by nuns which is the best ever.

Sometimes I buy a loaf of this seven grain bread at a nearby village and cut a thick piece of it, spread it with my lavender honey, and have it for breakfast. Hard to beat that.

12 thoughts to “Bread And Honey”

  1. Wow, your photos and description are soooooo great! Lavender festival, nuns making honey, fresh loaf of bread, absolutely hard to beat all that.

    Cheers and enjoy.

  2. Mmm – honey! When I was an undergrad, the hall I lived in served warm rolls with butter and honey for breakfast on Sundays. Breakfast on Sundays was at 9 a.m. I often got up and got dressed for breakfast, then went right back to bed till lunchtime – no way was I going to miss warm bread and honey no matter how tired I was!

  3. Nothing better than warmbread and honey unless there’s also some peanut butter…..sounds delightful!

  4. I’ve never tried lavender honey but it sounds wonderful. We have a French student coming to visit and I am resisting the urge to send her a list of things to bring when she comes.

  5. i’ve never seen honey like that! looks like some edible buttery milk lotion… and one that’s delicious!

  6. Mmmmm, honey! I envy you that delicious lavender honey. Lavender honey is something I’ve never seen but I will be on the lookout for some now. I eat a little honey every day too, and I especially love it on plain, creamy, thick Greek-style yogurt. In fact, ever since I started eating plain yogurt with honey a couple years ago, those other yogurts that come flavored seem really awful to me.

    Honey and bread is another winning combination, as you have already pointed out.

  7. Guess what I have stacked up on the kitchen counter? Honey! We harvested our spring honey a while back, and it tastes so good. I love to taste it when we lift it right out of the hive. I usually snitch a piece. I ought to add some lavender to it. I have 4 or 5 lavender plants in the garden. I like to bake bread, but I have to watch it since it disappears really fast!
    I saw the coffee grinders from your previous post. Hubby would love one of those! We brought one back with us that we purchased at a German flea market when we went with my cousin.
    Your town sounds so interesting. There are so many places that you can go to and share all of your wonderful photos with us!

  8. I’ve often wondered how they make the creamy honey. I’ll have to look it up. I like it better than the clear, too. And, on what Ulrike was saying above — lavender honey means the bees fed on lavender, right? Not that there’s actually lavender IN the honey itself…or is there?

  9. Bread and honey is one of my favorites breakfasts. I’ll have to find some lavender honey to try. I mostly eat our local orange blossom honey, or tupelo honey, (which never crystalizes!)

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