How many pictures can I take of liquids? I am doing it all of the time. I guess I like the way light and liquid mix together. As you can see, I drink quite a bit of rosé .

A glass of rosé as dusk decends.

A bottle of Badoit, a bottled water with gas. They say that the bubbles are smaller in this water.

A bottle of olive oil on a table where we ate one night.

Another glass of rosé in the day light. The container with the bottle is one of those plastic bags that I see everywhere now.

10 thoughts to “Liquid”

  1. An intersting look at colour. The Rose wine looks so inviting, I can imagine myself sitting outside in the evening enjoying this in Provence, you are lucky.

  2. I have always enjoyed a nice rosé, and back in the States one of our favorite wines in our family was the Beringer’s. I notice here in France it’s definitely something you see (and drink) more of in the South in Provence and the Cote d’Azur. It just seems to go with the hotter weather and sunshine.

  3. Keep taking those photos! Liquids catch the light and are enhanced by it…making something very special to capture in a photo or a painting. And when the liquids are contained in crystal or glass, even better!

    Your rose looks very refreshing…it is probably my favorite wine.

  4. I’ve been sucking back the Cote de Provence Rose like there’s no tomorrow. They only have it in summer over here, so I’m making the most of it. I love the colour of that last rose

  5. Beautiful photos – I love the subject matter! Some of my best photos have been of glasses of beer I’ve enjoyed along the way. And wine, too! I was in Geneva with a friend on Saturday and the chilled Rose wine was lovely.

  6. Reminds me of the book I bought after your stories last year-Extremely Pale Rose. The glasses just look lovely and I’ll bet that rose is perfect.

  7. A very interesting item to photo, need to look out more for these..The Rose looks good, and inviting..oh I could do with a glass now!

  8. Linda, love rose wines in the Summer. Drink several from South of France and tonight swigged back a wonderful Spanish one – have to admit it’s my favorite so far this season!

    Great liquid pics.

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