I have family visiting. One of the first places I always take visitors to Provence is Roussillon, the village famous for its one time production of ochre, before they were able to make it synthetically. The hills surrounding the villlage are shades of ochre from dark brown to light yellow.

A view of one of the cliffs outside of Roussillon.

A painted door across from the main street heading up into the village. It was newly painted last year.

There’s a really neat church in the middle of the village.

The window over the mairie.

A view of the ochre toned village from a distance.

7 thoughts to “Roussillon”

  1. I spent the most memorable vacation of my childhoold in/around Vaison-La-Romaine, just 20-30 km from Roussillon. Having an old relative living in Mirabel aux baronnies, it felt like home.

    I still have an old photo album, but you posted locations I actually visited when I was young. When my elderly relative died, I never returned.

    Thank you for this wonderful trip down memory lane !

  2. Maybe someday, Linda, you’ll be the relative someone remembers visiting and touring Roussillon. I loved the ochre building at the Mairie and the color of the sky above the church, gorgeous.

  3. Stunning Linda, and wow what a super painted door too!

    Thank you for your comments lately, oh yes Montmartre is a fabulous place!

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