Nearby Roussillon is the perched village of Gordes. There is such a stunning view of it as you approach:

There must be nothing but rocks under the soil in this region. Most of the homes and walls are made of the stacked stones found in the area. I love how they make their walls:

All around Provence are little buildings made of stone called Bories. You usually see them in fields, and they were probably used by shepherds. At the base of the hill where Gordes is found, is a whole village of these buildings called Borie Village. It is interesting to see how people lived in them. The place was inhabited until the end of the 1800’s when electricity became available.

Oh, and by the way, no cement was used. Everything was just stacked.

8 thoughts to “Gordes”

  1. This is amazing! I’ve read about fences made like this in England — how it’s a real craft to be able to select just the right stone and place it in just the right spot in just the right sequence. A fence is one thing, but an entire house! And they’re still standing. Any idea when the village was first built?

  2. There’s a couple of villages like this in Mauritania, dating back to the 1200s. Amazing. And scary to walk through now.

  3. I have always been mesmerized with stone walls. I even took a class on structure but it was way too technical to build a “dry” one. Hmmmm. I still love them.

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