Handy Dandy Thingie

While at the Friday morning market at Lourmarin, my daughter in law and I happened upon a cooking demonstation used to try and sell a little device that I have no name for. Maybe it’s a spiraler?

It looks like this

The guy was a real performer really into demonstrating the thingie which is a little metal device with a metal circle that, when inserted into a potato, carrot or other firm vegetable, and then turned, creates a spiraled piece that you can use to decorate a plate with or, as with a potato, fry in a circle.

A carrot circle

The guy was practical doing Shakespeare demonstrating how to use it. I asked him at one point how much it cost but he held up his hand and said I had to wait until he finished telling us all about it. So we stood there while he drilled into a potato and a carrot, cooked up the potato ring, put another carrot into the hole left in a potato and then cut it into circles with white potato on the outside, orange carrot on the inside.

The hallow carrot left behind

Finally, he told us the price-10 euros. My daughter in law said, “That performance is worth 5 euros alone”. So we each bought one. My grandkids were fascinated with it and loved using it on carrots and potatoes.

A carrot spiral

The potato circles fry up really light and crispy but I’m not sure if I want to use a whole potato each time I want to fry up one. You’d need 4 at least for two people and then you are left with that hallow potato. I tried stuffing one with cheese and baking it but I had cheese running out all over the place. I guess I could make a farci type stuffing for it. I’m thinking it was one of those impulse buys but it was fun. I’m having a huge group of people over next month and will be doing a lot of cooking and my daughter in law said I should make carrot circles or radish circles to put on plates but I’m not sure if I will have the time or energy. She is much more into doing things like that than I am. Mostly I think that thingie will sit in a drawer.

9 thoughts to “Handy Dandy Thingie”

  1. What fun. Couldn’t you just slice the hollowed carrot and potato and fry them, or whatever you are doing to the carrot curl? They’d look like little carrot donuts.

  2. Amazing thingie 🙂 and great photos.

    Also love the Provence photos – thanks for sharing your beautiful part of the world.

  3. Hey, that’s cool. As for the hollowed out vegetables, I would toss them with some olive oil, rosemary and a little salt and spread them out on a baking sheet and roast them in a hot oven until done and a little brown and crispy! THAT might end up being just as cool as the fried spirals!

  4. What fun – not come across one of those but no doubt they will do the rounds.

    Loved your Provence photos as usual Linda and the fish looks tasty. Not had fish with rice. Must try.

  5. I would maybe just slice up the hollowed-out parts and cook ’em up like that. Then you could serve spirals and circles together and they’d all be talking about how creative you are! The grandkids would love it.

  6. It’s kinda like the electric knife and other gadgets – we all bought one and then stuck it in the back of the drawer, just couldn’t be bothered!!

    Can you believe I pulled out the mandoline today just to thinly slice a small cucumber – by the time I refreshed myself on how to use the darn contraption, and then took it apart to wash it, I could have sliced a dozen by hand!!!

    Bet the boys loved those curly veggies though, and perhaps even ate them!

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