Tale of a French Armoir

Decorating is not my thing even though I am always looking at decorating blogs. I know that our living room really needs some help from someone who has that special touch and knowledge but never really found anyone until Corey . She is a decorator extraordinaire with that decorating gene that I wasn’t born with and an expert at finding buys at brocantes. She is an American married to a Frenchman and also lives in Provence. When you say that someone lives in Provence that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are within walking distance of your house, or even 15 or 30 minutes away. Provence is a huge area. It turns out that Corey lives an hour away from our home as we found out when she kindly invited us over for dinner one night. Her place is just as fabulous as you might expect. I had my camera and it was all I could do to not run around like a paparazzi taking photos. I restrained myself but did get a few shots. You can see what great taste she has.

An urn filled with all sorts of interesting antique things.

The bathroom. She wrote a really interesting post on decorating it, from finding the tub and painting it, to covering herself in paint doing something different on the walls.

Anyway, to my delight and amazement, she has offered to help me decorate my living room. She has yet to see it except in photos with summer so busy (plus she is going off to Prague with her husband on his motorcycle any day now) but maybe after August. Maurice and I went to a brocante in Pertuis, a city near us, and saw an armoir that we thought might help the looks of our living room. It wasn’t that old but it had been decorated with touches of yellow-we have light, creamy yellow walls-and it would be delivered for free. I sent Corey a photo in an email and asked her opinion. She thought they were asking a little too much but she liked the armoir. We negociated with the antique dealer, got the price down and now have our French armoir. I think it really looks great although I still need to find some things to go on the top of it. Isn’t the blogging world amazing?

Here it is. It also gives me more storage space

11 thoughts to “Tale of a French Armoir”

  1. Absolutely fabulous in every way. The armoire looks gorgeous, and yes, the blogging world is amazing.

    I ready Corey’s posts about her bathroom (and upcoming trip), and the thought of the two of you connecting as you have is so very, very cool.

    Cheers and enjoy the new addition πŸ™‚

  2. Don’t be afraid to trust your own instincts on decorating. You don’t want to end up living in Corey’s dream living room. After all, you found the armoire.

  3. Hi Linda! Yes the blogging world is amazing! I found both you and Corey, and both of you helped me to find the lavender fields in Valensole which were beautiful and made for a fun day. Corey has also invited me for a visit one day as well. I plan to take her up on it yes, after August! Have a great summer. Any progress on your driving test. You are in my prayers on that one! No fun at all! PS: I’m thinking about doing an Aliance Francais course in Nice in August. It won’t have the spectacular views, but I can commute from home, so that will be a big savings! A bientot! Cy

  4. Love the armoire! And yes, it will help for storage. We recently bought an old Moroccan piece of furniture (not that old, but not new) made of ceder, and not only does it look great and give us storage, but it smells fantastic!

  5. I love technology. E-mail and digital photography has made so many things possible. Love the armoire!

  6. That armoire is really a beautiful piece! I adore armoires anyway, but this one certainly catches my eye, as it did yours. It could become a real centerpiece statement in your living room – you will post photos when Corey has had her way with the room, won’t you??

  7. Linda – tonight we’re in Boise, Idaho and on the last few days of the big trip West.

    Haven’t have time to comment ’til now but have read through all your recent posts.

    We met Corey’s mom and son Sacha in Willows, CA and she made us so welcome. Her shop is fabulous – can see where Corey got her design gene!!!

    More next time once I’m home and settled.
    Your armoire is fabulous – know you and Corey will have fun finding more treasures for your lovely home in Provence.

  8. The armoire is beautiful! You have a good eye, you found it! I am glad you got a better price too.
    Thanks for the generous compliments, I look forward to going antiquing with you…

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