Scenes From A Market

Forcalquier, a village northeast from us on the other side of the Luberon mountains, is home to a huge Monday market. We often take guests there and it is always packed with tourists and locals alike. It is spread out over a large area in the village, below a hill topped with the ruins of a citadel from the 10th century and a chapel. I see some of the same sellers here that I see in Apt or Lourmarin. That must be an interesting life, moving from city to city each day, setting up your wares, selling things in searing heat or blowing cold wind and rain.

Colorful signs made of pottery. Expensive though.

I often see this divinity for sale but I don’t think I’ve seen it with cherries before. We bought some and it was really good.

There are always hats for sale. I took this photo because the little girl looked so darling in her hat but she turned her head before I could get a good shot. She bought another hat. I bought one too, a panama to look more stylish than I usually do.

This booth was selling pottery jars and vases and took the time to put some daisies in their display.

I wanted one of these caserole dishes just because I liked the design on them. I didn’t buy one though as I thought they were too expensive.

8 thoughts to “Scenes From A Market”

  1. I hope you get your license easily and soon.
    You know your blog is making me fat. Every time I see some of these lucious foods you photograph, i have to find something like it to eat.
    Those hats are really pretty too.

  2. I agree. I’m sitting here in class while my students work on summarizing and suddenly my stomach is growling. Really, it’s not just the food but the whole life that I envy. Hope you are enjoying living it as much as I enjoy reading about it.

  3. Oo… I would love those caserole dishes, so beautiful.
    Always enjoy your photos, makes me want to pick up an travel.

  4. The photos are enchanting, especially the little girl and the vases with flowers in the sunlight. That cherry divinity does look very good!

  5. I’m disappointed to hear that the pottery is expensive. I drool over this stuff at our Made in France store where it’s certainly prohibitively expensive. I keep promising myself I’ll wait until I get to France where it’s bound to be dirt cheap. Oh well.

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