Once More

We were in Lourmarin once more showing visitors around and looking at the offerings of the market. It is always a pleasing place to visit. I’m having to search out places for photos, for something different, and there’s always something new to me.

I love this photo done for an advertisement of French olive oil. I keep looking at it wondering how they got such great color and light in the photo.

There is always soap for sale at markets, especially the famous scented soaps make of olive oil from Marseille.

This is soap too. It is put on the metal pole attached to the wall. I seem to dimly remember this type of thing in bathrooms at gas stations long ago. I guess it isn’t considered sanitary anymore. It is sort of charming and something fun to put in a bathroom but I wonder if it wouldn’t drip down to the sink or whatever and make a mess?

Isn’t purple an enchanting color? I thought this purse was really terrific. I saw it in the door of a cute shop in Lourmarin. The lady who did the purse also did really cute framed flowers. I’ll have to have a closer look the next time I am in Lourmarin which probably won’t be too long a time.

9 thoughts to “Once More”

  1. Purple is a wonderful color.
    I love olive oil soaps. They are so soothing to the skin.
    As far as photos, you always seem to find great things to photograph.

  2. That photo with the purple purse and the flowers is so fabuous that it looks fake. You know, like you can’t actually have photographed that together.
    I love to use olive oil soaps. I feel like I’m marinating.

  3. That picture of the purse is quite lovely.
    Ah, French soaps.. they are so pampering and special. Would love to smell those green bars in the photo. I know I create my own but I make sure to always treat myself to a few French bars yearly. 🙂

  4. I always love how your photos are always focused on something small, yet uniquely enchanting. It’s a gift to notice and frame things this way, I think.

  5. Although I love it, how in the world would you change that soap?? I’ve never seen such a thing! I’d rather have the soap drip down away from the wall than what we have in the states. Those little cubbies you put soap in? Blech. They get nasty too! Yes, that is the perfect purple!!

  6. Linda I bought some of the Marseille olive green soap slices with string when we left you and visited the Apt market – gave it as gifts to special friends here and kept one for my kitchen of course!

    Soon I’ll post about my visit to Willows and meeting Corey’s family! Got back 1:30 AM Friday – delayed, then a bumpy ride from Salt Lake City. So good to be home for a while – loads of work to be done around the house and garden!

  7. I love reading your blog because of your pictures. On the picture of the pitcher, if it is for an ad, they probably had a “card”, shiny silver or gold paper, behind it and lights directed at it to get the bright color showing through. You should try that on one of your wine glass shots. Although it would stop any reflections coming through the glass.

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