Some of us have it, some of us don’t. We recently had visitors and the woman had me looking at the way I dressed and sighing. I dress for comfort mainly. She dresses with style. All of her shoes had little kitten heels, she wore a lot of black with sleeves swinging at her wrists, wide pants legs flowing as she walked, dramatic hats to compliment each outfit. And she was tiny too, very fine boned without an ounce of fat on her. I felt like a Nebraska Cornhusker lineman next to her, all tall and bulky. She an actress so maybe that’s where she gets that dramatic flair. I guess I could spend a little more time, thought and money on how I dress, especially in Paris. Here where I get up and exercise and then water the yard, I just hate to wear something nice that I will then ruin. One morning I was up first wearing basically a workout outfit with shorts and a T-shirt and rubber thongs. She came down to breakfast in a red pajama ensemble, red satin flowing pants and a red long belted jacket on the top looking like an elegant actress from the 40’s with long curly red hair.
Well, I’m probably not going to change much at this late date, but I guess I could put a little more effort into it.

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  1. I’m sure you are doing yourself an injustice. Being comfortable in your own skin and wearing practical clothes for the life you lead makes you a beautiful person. Your friend might envy you, sometimes we put a front on to please others and I am sure she would possibly love to ‘dress down’ but feels she can’t. Be happy with who you are, you are a beautiful person.

  2. Thanks for the smile! Your friend sounds like she has natural style and flair.

    I’m sure you have your own unique style, too 🙂

    Cheers and stay comfortable.

  3. I often wonder if people like that ever DO anything? I mean, what would she be wearing to go out and water the garden, pick off slugs, etc?

  4. I agree that wearing workout clothes is comfortable and practical, but sometimes we do need a little wake up call. It’s fun to dress up and feel pretty. Working has challenged my wardrobe and it still has a long way to go, but I don’t wear jeans and a sweater everyday anymore.

  5. As Lynette says, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in your own skin (bien dans sa peu (sp) isn’t that what the French say??) If you can accomplish that you will look perfect in anything you wear. If you don’t have that you won’t look or feel right no matter how elegant your clothing.

  6. Oh Linda, I am sure you look lovely too!! We cannot all swan about like this..but I do agree with Paulita…a little wake up call is sometimes put to us..I try nearly everyday, and I only buy clothes that I know I can wear again, in normal day to day living, and I don’t save things for best, unless they are extra extra special.

  7. Well, if it helps, I DO understand so well that feeling of being so much bigger and ill put together than the lucky petite ones with all that natural style and flair! I admire them very much, with a touch of envy too I guess.

    Still trying to learn how to feel “comfortable in my own skin” and I wonder if it will ever happen! Maybe it’s an age thing…I did not feel like this when I was younger and slimmer. Oh well! Time to stop bending the elbow so much, but bend the knees more, as in getting back to walking!

  8. nah, be comfortable. no heels for me, ever. no makeup. I do get my hair done but then I don’t bother to do anything with it after.
    Where I live, you can go anywhere in jeans and Crocs and no one cares.

  9. Oh, Linda! I thought of you today, as I paged through a book about Islamic art and architecture that I had all but forgotten I owned. There it was: one of those embellished hand door-knockers that you have posted several pictures of! The book claims it’s a Moroccan knocker and represents the Hand of Fatima. It is, that is, the auspicious Khamsa warding off the evil eye. Now, whether that is where it originated, I don’t know, but I think it’s a beautiful idea.

  10. I actually know Linda and she IS doing herself a disservice; I think she looks great. Having said that, I also knows exactly what she means when she points out the difference between how we Americans tend to dress (for comfort first, sex appeal last) and how the French women doing it (sex appeal first, last and always. Comfort doesn’t even enter into it). It’s hard not to feel a bit intimidated. I’m shorter and heavier than Linda and I often feel like the fish out of water. I do my best though: no workout clothes in public, no shorts in Paris (ok if I’m going to the beach on vacation though), and I try to do the scarf thing although I still don’t have that quite right, either.

  11. I had to laugh when I read your post! When I go somewhere different I will always dress up, but you should see me at home. If someone comes to the door I better run and hide cause it’s shorts and a tank top for me! Sometimes makeup, but if I am working outside I’ll wait and do that later. Of course if I go out somewhere I will dress up! So…your company may be different at home too!! She may have been wishing to be in her comfys, you never know!!!

  12. Now Linda, when I met you I thought you looked marvellous……and we were both tall, red-headed godesses, weren’t we? Bob thought himself priviledged to be accompanying us to lunch in Lourmarin!

    I try my best to always looked pulled together but no longer sew designer pattern clothes. I do not spend a lot on clothing anymore but look for some new inexpensive styles at Target – their tissue weight tops/cardigans are great for layering – a few J.Jill things when there’s a sale – Macy’s Charter Club cropped pants for Summer – lots of basic tees in black, white – Flax and Willow linen pieces for mix and matching – and only comfy footwear at this point in time!

    I just got my hair and nails done today so feel like a new person – I looked a sight after trolling the West in 100 degrees for 2 weeks! Tonight, for a theatre date, I wore my old thin/cool crinkled silver silk skirt with Flax white handkerchief linen tank top and matching loose jacket, and pewter gladiator style flat sandals ($15 at Walmart and the cutest things!) and my Sunset Red lipstick – good with a tan! It was still 89 degrees out and the theatre was warm so I was comfortable. I always dress up a bit for the theatre, I think it’s one of the few places where elegance should prevail – I dislike seeing people there in jeans and even worse, shorts and tank tops!!!!

  13. She was on vacation so maybe that accounted for the dressing flair.
    Comfort over style anyday, especially at home.
    We all critique ourselves too harshly though.

  14. I like wearing fancy clothes sometimes, but that woman sounds like she was trying WAY too hard!
    I think we women look sexier when we dress for comfort.

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