It’s The Little Things

Sometimes the smallest things can brighten up your day. I recently wrote an email to the creator of a comic strip named Ralph Hagen. He is the author of the new to me comic strip, The Barn. I’m one of those people who loves reading comic strips formerly in the paper but now online. I just like having at least one laugh a day. Sherman’s Lagoon does that for me, as does Garfield and now The Barn. I was very delighted when not only did he answer me but also did a little cartoon just for me:

Of course you won’t see it in any national papers, but it did give me a thrill. Isn’t it cute?

10 thoughts to “It’s The Little Things”

  1. Wow! That is really pandering to the masses. Do you think he does a different one for every fan letter he gets. I think it’s very cool that you wrote to him. Telling people that you like their work is important.

  2. Adorable – Linda you just have what it takes to be lavished with surprises! You need to blow up, print and frame.

    I’ll look for The Barn – guess it revolves around animals….and I love them.

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