I Did It!!!!

If you don’t get my twitter, you don’t know that I passed my written section of the French Driver’s license in FRENCH with no translator! All that worry, all that work and it turned out to be really simple. I didn’t know my palms would sweat when I get nervous, but I sure do now. We had to hold a little devise that looks like a remote control for a TV to enter our questions and I was afraid that I would drop it with my sweaty hands, either that or short out the computer system when it came time to check my answers.
I slept poorly the night before worrying about the exam. I woke up at 3, 4 and 5 AM before I finally got up at 6 AM. Maurice drove me to the meeting point where we arrived at 7 :30, waiting for everyone for the 8 AM time. Then we walked over to where the test is given. First it was locked for 15 minutes until a person finally arrived to open the doors. Then the guy giving the test had to set up the computer system and had some sort of problem and we didn’t start the test until 9:30. We then took the test which was so much more simple than the tests I had been agonizing over in class and with the DVD’s I had at home. The worst part was waiting my turn waiting for my answers to be checked. I actually didn’t miss any! Out of about 50 people taking the test, there were 8 or so who didn’t pass the test which surprised me. When I walked out of the building Maurice was waiting for me across the street. I held up my arms in the Rocky mode, the sign of triumph, and he looked like he was going to cry. It was a huge relief for both of us.
Now I have to get ready for the driving section of the test which I will do later in September. I am going to take a couple of sessions with the people at the school to make sure I am up to speed-pardon the pun. I’m really not worried about it but I probably should be, especially parallel parking.

Maybe I should get one of these now.

Of course, I also had the huge groups of people two days before the test. A dozen on Monday for dinner, then 27, down from the 32 originally planned, for lunch and dinner. I had lots of help but of course it all came down to Maurice and me when it came to cooking and preparation. Maurice prepared a daube for dinner (a provencal beef stew) for the 12 people with potatoes. I fixed a cool summer tomato soup for a starter and there was cheese and a salad after. Lunch the next day was a mixed grill with salads and a big bowl of my mashed potatoes and brownies with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce for dessert. It was all consumed, no left overs of anything, so Maurice and his sisters went to the grocery store and returned with more meat to grill. It was gone in no time. The swimming pool heaved like the ocean, the air vibrated with French, and we all sat around and watched the sun set. Everyone was very nice and it was a lot of fun. All of the women wanted my recipe for mashed potatoes and my guacamole. My secret ingredient in both is garlic salt that I buy in the States. I’m going to have to bring back some bottles as gifts the next time I go to the States. When they left several of the women crossed the fingers of both hands and said, “Merde!” which, it turns out, isn’t just a good curse word but a French way to wish someone good luck which they did for my test.

A gift from some of Maurice’s relatives. They went to the island whose name is on the bottle which sounds really great. I never did get to taste it. It was gone really quickly. Don’t worry, I found plenty of other things to drink.

Maurice arranged for the same twelve people to return for lunch the next day after my test. After having so many people for the whole day the day before it was nothing. Twelve? No problem. One of Maurice’s relatives asked what they could bring for lunch and I had them bring roasted chicken and we had left over salads and desserts so it was easy.
Maurice and I won’t know what to do with ourselves now. So quiet and only two people eating. No classes to go to everyday preparing for the driver’s license test. I’m so glad that’s behind me. Now the slow slide into September and an upcoming trip to the States. Life is good.

PS-anyone want to buy DVD’s both in French and English to practice for the test? A special deal just for you.

28 thoughts to “I Did It!!!!”

  1. Congratulations! Wonderful news.
    Now you can relax a bit.

    If you do get the motorcycle we will demand photos of you tooling around Paris with it!

  2. Well done and congratulations! Love the Rocky image.

    Your time with visitors and the meals all sound wonderful, too, as do your mashed potatoes and guacamole. Yum! I’ll have to try your secret ingredient 🙂 We can get it in Sydney – didn’t realise it’s not available in France.

    Cheers and again well done.

  3. Congratulations!

    I had set an e-mail reminder to myself to say a special prayer for you the night before, so I’m thrilled to hear it went so well. And I’m really glad all of your ordeal is over. I’m sure you’ll do fine with the driving part – at least you’ve been doing that for years and didn’t have to learn a new skill for that, as well!

    Good job! You worked so hard, you really did deserve to do so well.

  4. Yea, Linda! Good work and now time to relax and find some of that blue alcohol, just because it looks so beautiful in a glass and I want to see what kind of pictures you can come up with.

  5. Hooray for you, Linda!! That is just terrific and I knew you could do it. Well done and I’m worn out hearing about your cooking. What a time and you’re right, life is good!

  6. Way to go! I was nervous FOR you. Such a challenge.

    I must have missed your post about all the guests you were having. Was it all family?

    And having them there at the time of your test. OY VEY!

  7. Congratulations and welcome to the club! (of foreigners who have toiled many an hour to pass le code)

  8. Dear Linda, CONGRATS!!! This is wonderful news!!! You should be sooooo proud of yourself! Now you can enjoy the rest of the summer! You deserve it! Congrats! Cy

  9. Well done, Linda! The actual driving test in September will be a snap compared to the written test in French, I’m thinking, which means that the worst is over! Relax and enjoy what remains of the summer!

  10. Congratualtions! An honor well earned. Is a French license, once gained, good indefinitely, or is it like the States where it must be renewed from time to time?

  11. a big, big congratulations to you, dear! i’ve been following your driving tales, and whee, you finally did it! here’s to a bucketful of driving journeys around france and beyond!

  12. That’s wonderful news – congratulations on passing the test! I’m sorry you had those sleepless nights though.

    That turquoise drink is very pretty to look at!

  13. Fab news Linda……….congratulations!!! Are you going to get a sexy little European convertible to whiz around the lavender fields…..or ship over a big Texas truck to haul all those brocante/vide grenier treasures home? Time to start redecorating when the cooler weather arrives!!!

    When are you coming over by the way?

  14. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! You deserve to celebrate. I’m an American living in France and I got lucky because I had a Florida drivers license that I could trade in for a French one (I found that out 6 weeks before moving to France and because I owned property in Florida and my mailing address is there I was eligible to get a Fl drivers license. It’s one of 11 State with a reciprocal agreement with France). If I hadn’t discovered that and flew to Fl to get the darn thing, I would be doing what you’re doing now except waiting much longer because my French is horrible. So I have a deep appreciation of what you’ve been going through and how relieved you must feel. Celebrate big! Cynthia in the French Alps

  15. Wow-many congratulations on succeeding with this next hurdle. It makes the whole process in CA appear to bw simple.

    Do you really want to drive in the city? I imagine that in Provence and the cuntryside it would be lovely…but oh that Paris traffic.

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