Cucuron Brocante

I don’t think there is a better setting for a brocante than Cucuron, a village with a big rectangular basin and huge 200 year old plane trees. It’s always so much fun to visit. I noticed that there are a lot fewer venders this year. One of them said that it is getting hard to find things to sell. Or maybe it’s just the economy.

There’s the basin in the background behind some things for sale.

I liked this,

and this,

and this.

This statue under the glass dome was interesting.

I’m sure these must have been handmade many years ago.

10 thoughts on “Cucuron Brocante

  1. Congratulations on your written test!
    Any ideas on what to bring a French cook from the U.S? Elisa’s mother is an excellent cook.
    Maybe some garlic salt.

  2. I’m always amazed that we never run out of antiques. Back in the day they didn’t make nearly as much stuff as we do now. Lots of the stuff that was made must have worn out, been destroyed, etc… And all over the world there are millions of antique shops crammed to the rafters with antiques. And there’s stuff in museums and people have their homes full of this stuff and yet…yet there never seems to be an end to it. How is this possible?

  3. I wonder if the garden stool began life as a chair but somehow lost its back along the way? It looks that way to me. I, too, like the little chest. It would be great for sewing or crafts or even as jewelry storage (assuming one has masses of baubles!).

  4. I like the statue under glass dome any information on it like price and location?I think it looks beautiful and would look great in an old Victorian home. Thanks

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