Another Brocante

I guess I can’t get enough of them. Like the others this year, this brocante was much smaller than the previous years. We didn’t get anything at this one. I found a table that I loved but it was way too expensive. This brocante was in la Tour d’Aigues, another village not far from us.

Another great setting-hard to beat a brocante in the shade of the ruins of a chateau.

I’m always drawn to plates.

I took this photo because I loved how they cups were arranged.

A look at the brocante in the reflection of some mirrors for sale.

7 thoughts to “Another Brocante”

  1. Maybe it’s just too hot for people to get out and sell things this summer. With the economy down, it seems that more people would be selling. Your photos are ingenious. I need a new camera. Any advice?

  2. I would die for those plates. They are really beautiful and I coulkd make room. Like the cups and matching pieces-no more space. Love the photos. This is way better than the malls.

  3. I have only visited France once (last summer) and was amazed by all these little places that hold so many different gems.

    It is definitely an amazing place to visit for not just the history and culture, but the artistic side to it too 🙂

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