When Maurice and I went to Malaysia-when was it, 3 years ago?-we bought a beautiful batik scarf. I’ve been meaning to get it framed every since then so we can see it on the wall. I was going to take it to a nearby city here in Provence for framing but while I was in the shop someone came in to get something framed and the owner told him he couldn’t do it. That made me wonder if he would ruin my scarf. I did all sorts of google searches for framers but could find one within a somewhat handy distance so I took the scarf to Paris to get it framed there. Maurice couldn’t believe I did that because it meant we had to get it back to Provence. It turned out to be a large and heavy object. Luckily for us, some friends who were driving to Provence from Paris to visit us offered to bring it to us. We found out later that they also went to BHV where it was framed and brought it to their home on a crowded bus with much difficulty. But, anyway, it’s here now and we finally hung it on the wall.

It not exactly something in the Provence style but the colors are. We have an eclectic decorating style anyway.

8 thoughts to “Finally”

  1. What a great idea, something to look at and remember your holiday.

    My youngest daughter painted a silk scarf for her higher art exam and we had it framed and it has hung in our lounge for 10 years now.

  2. Hi it is beautiful..I love those autumn colours.

    I am in Paris at the moment, and called into one of the Lollipop shops…:-) cannot remember which one, but my friends will know!

  3. Just stunning Linda – what a great idea to frame and hang it where it will be enjoyed by many. Which room is it going in?

  4. I like that scarf very much and can picture it in your house. I wonder if I will find stuff like that in Vietnam and Thailand.
    At any rate I still have my Hermes scarf to frame with Indian colors and an elephant on it. I will follow your recommendations!

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