Brief Paris Visit

Maurice and I are in Paris for a few days before we head off for the States for a few weeks. I was out in the city yesterday and here are a few photos I took here and there.

Passage St Andre des Arts. This is a little alleyway, an old ancient paved street that is fun to visit.

I rather liked these pillows with a portion of the Eiffel Tower image on them. I can’t remember the name of the store-TEO, I think, where I saw them but it was in the Marais.

A view of the St Paul St Louis church in the Marais from a narrow street.

An image inside an old hotel in the Marais on rue St Paul which is full of old images and objects from old movies. This is Charlie Chaplin.

6 thoughts to “Brief Paris Visit”

  1. Do you have Paris to yourself or are the natives all returning? The Marais is the new hip part of Paris isn’t it? Which arrondisement is that? You’ve already discovered some quirky things. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

  2. Good to catch up Linda with scenes of Paris and all your recent posts. Hope you have a great time in the USA.
    I seem to remember you having a similar visit from Maurice’s family last year.

    Sorry that you are unable to sit in the sun. I have to say these days though after years of enjoying lying in the sun I do now prefer the shade ‘most of the time’.

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