Daily Photo # 1

I really shouldn’t call these posts to come daily as I’m not sure how often I will be posting, but I did some posts ahead of time for the two weeks while Maurice and I will be in the States. First in New York City to see some of the Tennis Open and then up into New York State and maybe even part of Canada for a week. I’m know I will have photos of that trip but I’m sure most people come here for photos of France so I’m going to do a photo or two for each posting while away with maybe a little story to go along with them.

Aix-en Provence

Aix has got to be one of the most beautiful cities in Provence. I love walking around the streets there.

The huge fountain at la Rotunde.

Two statues holding up a balcony on the front of a building on Cours Mirabeau.

4 thoughts to “Daily Photo # 1”

  1. Thanks for the lovely reminders of Aix. The mother of the French girl who stayed with us said we can stay in their house in Provence next summer. Maybe we’ll get a chance to meet then!

  2. Please show us where you are visiting over here (USA) as well. I am from Upstate NY – near Albany and would love to see where you visit. While you are here and on route to Canada you should stop by Lake George — it is so beautiful and still hopping because of Labor Day weekend. Have a wonderful time here!!

  3. Bon Voyage dear Linda – hope you and Maurice have a great time while over here.
    Wish you were coming South so we could get together again!

    Hope you will post pics and tell of your travels later.
    Hugs – Mary.

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