Daily Photo #3

Posts on life in France while I’m in the States. At the moment I am in Rhinebeck, New York, a delightful little town. We spent the night at the Beekman Arms, the oldest continually operating hotel in America. We made a quick trip to Rhinecliff last night to watch a spectacular sunset and have dinner at a place on the Hudson River. Perfect weather too.

The Melon Kid

I don’t know if my 3 year old grandson loves anything more than melons. He calls them canteloops and any time I talk to him on the phone he mentions them. The last time he and his family visited I had a big bowl all cut up ready to go and he started in on them immediately. The melons of Cavaillon in Provence are famous for their sweet taste and I think that’s why he always wants them when here. I’m going to have to find something else to feed him and his brothers when winter comes.

8 thoughts to “Daily Photo #3”

  1. How sweet… my grandchildren love grapes, and strawberries … my youngest grandson loves cheese … he always is asking for some!

  2. Adorable he is….great job Grandma Linda. We love melons and just finished some for breakfast. Bill can’t quite get enough of them either. We like all kinds.

    Enjoy NY, NYC and Canada. Wish you were heading here too.


  3. Of course “adorable” was already taken because that is what that little boy is with his well-loved melon. He looks so excited to have the melon. As adults do we ever get that excited about something?

  4. What a cutie! And melon is his color too!! Sounds like you are having a great time visiting the US. Keep on having fun – looking forward to hearing about your trip.

  5. Glad your weather is good there – we’ve had 4″ of rain today and more coming!!!

    Your grandson is adorable and this is such a great pic.

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