Daily Photo #4

A posting done and saved before I left for the States. I am sending this from beautiful Lake Placid and staying in a hotel overlooking Mirror Lake. It’s a gorgeous area. I am trying to keep up with everyone’s blogs but for some reason am unable to leave comments using my husband’s computer.

Someone had painted this mural on the side of a building in Valensole. I saw it the last time I was at the lavender festival there.

5 thoughts to “Daily Photo #4”

  1. Just looking at that picture makes me relax just a little bit, but I would rest even more if I was there! Too bad all of your time is up north, sometime you will need to come down to the south! I hope the two of you enjoy your vacation!!

  2. It was ski season the year I went to Lake Placid, with a bus load of my coworkers, and my BOSS (a nice but somewhat intimidating man I didn’t know very well at that time). The boss was separated from his wife and dating a single girl from Human Resources who was about my age. They must have had a fight or something because he started wanting to hang around with ME (not in a romantic sense, thank God) and he and I went to the Olympic Park thinking we might try the luge run but the lines were too long. Then I got to watch him and his girlfriend “suck face” on the bus all the way home… guess they “kissed and made up”. Ugh. So that’s my memory of Lake Placid. The skiing was good, though, and it is very pretty up there.

  3. Glad you’re continuing on to pretty places and having a fun time Linda.

    Colorful mural – of course anything with lavender fields is always gorgeous! Oh to be back in Provence – this time last year I was almost there!

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