Daily Photo #5

There’s always something interesting to see from the TGV on the way from Paris to Provence. In the Spring, many fields are filled with these flowers, used to make cooking oil. I love the TGV. It is much less of a hassle than flying-no long lines, no security hassles. The only hard part is lugging your suitcases up the stairs.

PS-we are in Montreal right now, a short distance across the border into Canada from New York State.

5 thoughts to “Daily Photo #5”

  1. Great photo! I agree about the stairs in metros and train stations but how great it is to avoid airport lines and waiting time …

    Lovely to hear about your travels in NY State and Canada – enjoy!


  2. I too love the European trains. But yes, especially towards the end of the trip when your bags are chock full of goodies? Oh my. And sometimes people aren’t too patient! Ooooof! I had to have Raphael pull mine up the stairs on the way to Paris. How embarrassing! tehe

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