Daily Photo #7

In the summer, to keep the house cooler, I close the shutters on the south side of the house most of the way, waiting until 5 PM or so before I open them. If it get really hot, I will turn on the air conditioner for a few hours. We are really happy with how fresh and cool our house stays.

The shutters partially closed with the door open but screen closed.

I love seeing those yellow flowers in the sun.

2 thoughts to “Daily Photo #7”

  1. I keep all my windows closed in warm weather (not that we get too much of it here). Always think if you open them than the warm air can get in, I will open them in the evening to freshen the house. I don’t have shutters but would have loved a house with shutters, lovely to glimpse the countryside just outside yours.

  2. Ours are the fake shutters that don’t close. However, when the sun gets too much I do draw the curtains on the sunny side for it to cool down too. We have had quite a bit of rain the last 2 weeks and the temps have been dropping quite a bit. You know fall is just around the corner!

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