Mirror Lake

New York State is packed with Lakes. One of the most lovely is Mirror Lake where we stayed at the Mirror Lake Inn, one of the nicest places in our time in the States.

Mirrow Lake Inn. We had a view of the lake from our room.

This is actually a lighthouse outside the town of Lake Placid. You can rent a room there. I was expecting one of those towers.

I liked this rustic old chair.

Old posts always appeal to me.

A great place to sit and look at the aptly named Mirror Lake. These are Adarondeck chairs which were actually first made in New York. At one time you could buy one for four dollars. One of the originals would now cost several thousand dollors.

5 thoughts to “Mirror Lake”

  1. These old new England towns are so appealing. Our family visits Mackinac Island in Michigan frequently and we love sitting in the adirondack chairs.

  2. Oh I really like those chairs, but I can never afford the real ones! It would be so nice just to sit there and watch the sun come up and go down.

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